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HerSelf First

Women caregivers are strong, resilient, and dedicated and, as such, often put themselves last on the priority list or not at all. We know there is a direct relationship between a caregiver's well-being and sense of personal fulfillment and her loved ones' quality of life. When women fail to nurture their own needs, pursue their own goals, and promote their own harmony, everyone looses. It is time to make a change; it is time for women to put themselves first.

HerSelf First is a program that helps women caregivers:

  • Reinvest in their long-term well-being
  • Reconnect with themselves and others
  • Rediscover their unique and positive individuality launched in January 2011 as part of a new initiative sponsored by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. We help women caregivers nurture and maintain long-term wellness goals by offering resources that are easily integrated into the fabric of their rich and complex lives.

HerSelf First promotes its aims through three primary areas:

  • Building Positive Connections:
    We create communities where women caregivers can share their experiences, exercise self-expression, and gain critical support.
  • Creating New Resources:
    We offer a range of tools through web-based platforms and interactive workshops that serve as accessible practices for engendering a strong foundation of personal wellbeing and long-term harmony.
  • Facilitating Dialogue & Education:
    We share new information on the issues facing women caregivers and promote positive discussion about ways to more effectively service this population.

By committing to take control of your own wellness, you are not just giving a gift to yourself, but to those you devote your care and attention to every single day. Make today the day you begin to put your Self first!

More Information

For more information contact Director, Dr. Sheila C. Moeschen PhD at and visit us online: 

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