FACES is an acronym that stands for Families Advocating, Connecting, Educating, and Supporting. Duchenne FACES is the official parent led outreach initiative of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).

FACES outreach locations offers families affected by Duchenne and Becker a regional PPMD point of contact, as well as, serve as a volunteer extension of the PPMD central office.


  • Family Mentoring: To help local and regional families better understand the diagnosis of Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy.
  • Grassroots Outreach: To support national awareness and advocacy campaigns.
  • Fundraising: To support PPMD research, advocacy, care, and education programs. 

FACES launched with it's first location in New Jersey at the end of 2008. Since then, we've expanded to more states and are gearing up to add additional groups. A Volunteer Coordinator(s) is chosen to head up each FACES location, and groups are required to hold meetings every other month.

Up and Running FACES Groups

To be connect to a coordinator directly via email please contact Nicole Herring at nicole@parentprojectmd.org or 800-714-5437.

  • New Jersey Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinators: Jen Garofalo and Suzanne Gaglianone
  • Illinois
    • Coordinator: Sandy Mabus
  • Arizona Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Jill Castle
  • South Texas Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinators: Rachel Poysky and Erin Bullers
  • Colorado/Wyoming Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinators: Angela Knight and Debbie Bowman
  • North Texas Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinators: Stefanie Killian and Debbie Dupree
  • Pacific North West 
    • Coordinators: Janelle Hester, Katherine Reynoldson, Paula Zenobio, 
    • Canada Coordinator: Vee Lail
  • Michigan
    • Coordinators: DeAnne Friar, Janell Lundy, Sue Sweet
  • Northern California Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinators: Danielle Bath, Leeandra Archdeacon, Julie Garcia
  • Western New York 
    • Coordinators: Christine Piacentino and Susan Parzymieso
  • Ohio 
    • Coordinator: Tammy Henegar
  • Southern California 
    • Coordinator: Kelly May and Polly Sundeen
  • Tennessee Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Chris and Tammy Cate; Amber Sapp
  • Florida Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Mandy Lowe, Colleen Labbadia, Lianette Gonzalez 
  • Nebraska Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Betty Vertin and Susan Samuelson
  • Virginia 
    • Coordinators: Beth Bumgarner and Jessica Groseclose
  • Northern Florida  
    • Coordinator: Colleen Labbadia
  • North Carolina Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Allison Greiner, Lisa Littleton and Gina Gillespie-Woodard
  • Georgia Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Debbie Eggleston and Jessica Keim
  • Minnesota  
    • Coordinator: Jack Kirley
  • DMV - DC, Maryland, Northern VA facebook icon for autoresponder
  • Western Pennsylvania Fan PPMD on Facebook
    • Coordinator: Terri Ellsworth

Learn more

  • Contact Nicole Herring, the liaison between all FACES locations and the PPMD office, at Nicole@parentprojectmd.org or 800-714-5437.


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