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2015 Connect Conference Resources & Recordings

2014 Connect Conference

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Save the date for PPMD's 2016 Annual Connect Conference!
June 26, 2016 to June 28, 2016 in Orlando, Florida

Conference Booklet

PPMD’s 2015 Connect Conference booklet contained over 40 pages of information on what’s currently going on in Duchenne research & clinical trials. We encourage you to download the digital version of the booklet if you were unable to attend.

Session 1: We See Strength in Knowledge

Session Chair: Pat Furlong

  • We See Strength in Knowledge
    Speakers: Pat Furlong, PPMD President
    Download PDF | Play Video 
  • Why Comprehensive Care Matters: Understanding the Certified Duchenne Care Center Program
    Speakers: Kathi Kinnett
    Download PDF | Play Video 
  • Being Prepared: The DuchenneConnect Registry and Its Uses
    Speakers: Ann Martin
    Download PDF | Play Video 
  • Navigating School: An Ongoing Adventure
    Speakers: Annie Kennedy
    Download PDF | Play Video 
  • Keeping Your Family Intact: Surviving the Diagnosis
    During this panel discussion moderated by Mary-Lou Weisman, author of “Intensive Care: A Family Love Story,” hear first-hand accounts & perspectives from different family members when it comes to “making it work.”
    Moderator: Mary-Lou Weisman
    Panelists: Ben Dupree, Jill Castle, Gretchen Egner, Brian Egner, Rachel Poysky
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Session 2: We See Strength in Research

Session Chair: John Porter, PhD

Session 3: We See Strength in Raising Our Voices

Session Chair: Ryan Fischer

Session 4: We See Strength in Collaboration

Session Chair: Pat Furlong

Session 5: We See Strength in Progress, Part 1

Session Chair: Kathryn Wagner, MD, PhD

Session 6: We See Strength in Progress, Part 2

Session Chair: Lee Sweeney, PhD

  • Pfizer (Myostatin)
    Speakers: Michael Binks, MD, PhD
    Presentation Not Available 
  • Idera Pharmaceuticals (IMO-8400)
    Speakers: Vin Milano
    Download PDF | Play Video
  • Catabasis (CAT 1004)
    Speakers: Joanne Donovan, MD, PhD
    Download PDF | Play Video

Session 7: We See Strength in Leadership

Session Chair: Annie Kennedy

Session 8: We See Strength in Looking Ahead

Session Chair: Stan Nelson, MD

  • Combination Therapies: Ultimately Treating Duchenne
    This panel discussion takes a deeper look at combination therapies: the opportunities, hurdles, and goals for ultimately treating Duchenne.
    Moderator: Stan Nelson, MD
    Panelists: Lee Sweeney, PhD, Kanneboyina Nagaraju, DVM, PhD, Cliff Bechtold, PhD (BMS), Ed Kaye, MD (Sarepta), Joanne Donovan, MD,PhD (Catabasis), Craig McDonald, MD, John Porter, PhD
    Download PDF | Play Video

Session 9: We See Strength in Progress, Part 3

Session Chair: John Porter, PhD

Session 10: We See Strength in Care 

Early Childhood/ Childhood

Tweens and Teens

  • Tween & Teen Neuromuscular Care
    Speakers: Brenda Wong, MD
    Download PDF
  • Pulmonary Care
    Speakers: Jonathan Finder, MD
    Download PDF
  • Transitioning to Adult Care
    Speakers: Christina Trout, MD
    Download PDF

Young Adults/ Adults

Session 11: We See Strength in Progress, Part 4

Session Chair: John Porter, PhD

  • Latest News: Cardero (Epicatechin)
    Speakers: George Schreiner, MD, PhD
    Download PDF | Play Video  
  • Different Together: Explaining Phenotype Variability in Duchenneand its Implications in Clinical Trials
    This panel session examines the differences in Duchenne; why cases progress differently
    Moderator: John Porter, PhD
    Panelists: Enrique Aviles (C-Path), James Signorovitch, PhD(CTAP), Kathryn Wagner, MD, PhD, Brenda Wong, MD, Craig McDonald, MD, Dan Sheehan, MD
    Download PDF: Porter, McDonald, Aviles, Signorovitch, Sheehan | Play Video  
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