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The average new drug today costs over $1 billion to develop and takes more than 10 years – that’s one billion dollars the Duchenne community doesn’t have and ten years we can’t spare. But it’s a problem that can and must be solved with a carefully evolved plan. PPMD’s Global Investment For Therapeutics to End Duchenne (GIFTED) is a fund that invests in three types of projects:

  • Better: Those that will improve the quality of drug candidates entering clinical testing
  • Faster: Those that will decrease the time required to test drugs for Duchenne/Becker
  • Now: Reviewing and testing approved drugs to buy time for this generation of boys

In each case, PPMD sets specific qualitative and quantitative goals that will be measured and reported to the Duchenne community. Explore these pages to learn more about the business strategy behind GIFTED and the Duchenne Report Card, which describes the status of infrastructure (tools, techniques, and services) needed to develop new therapies.

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