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Research is at the heart of advances in treatment and care for Duchenne muscular dystrophy and funding Duchenne research is a core objective for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD). PPMD’s research programs, which run the gamut from small bridge grants to seven figure awards for drug development, are all designed to fund projects directly aimed at the development of new therapies for Duchenne.

Applications to PPMD are reviewed by either:

Grant Submission

PPMD uses an online grant submission and management system to reduce the burden of paper and to standardize our procedures. View our available funding opportunities below, and then click the “Apply for Funding” button. 

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Current Funding Opportunities

  • Exploratory Awards
    PPMD has developed the PPMD Exploratory Award for the development of preliminary data for new ideas or studies that are highly relevant to Duchenne muscular dystrophy therapy development. View the Exploratory Funds page for more information.

  • Bridge Awards
    PPMD has developed the “PPMD Bridge Award” to serve as an emergency temporary funding source for projects that have lost funding or are between funding sources in order that key projects, personnel or infrastructure may be preserved. View the Bridge Award Funds page for more information.

Other Funding Opportunities

New Resource!

PLoS Currents: Muscular Dystrophy
Rapid and open sharing of new research data, analyses, and ideas. PLoS Currents: Muscular Dystrophy enables research results and ideas to be shared immediately while ensuring that they will be permanently archived and citable. PLoS Currents provides open access to all content, ensuring that authors reach the widest possible audience. All content is reviewed by a group of expert researchers. PPMD is proud to provide support to launch and maintain PLoS Currents: Muscular Dystrophy.

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